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IO - How to win at the game of life - Premium Digital Package

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We are proud to offer the "IO - How to win at the game of life - Premium Digital Package".

- The book "IO - How to win at the game of life" in PDF format;
- The 4 hours of video-audio course: "REVEALED 1.0".

The book:
“Life is the biggest match we will ever play: we can win or lose depending on the quality of our game.” - Luigino Bottega

This illustrated essay that I got so excited about writing is a collection of thoughts and experiences assembled into a useful formula for those who, armed with curiosity, wish to discover new perspectives for their personal growth.

A formula that is simple and practical but at the same time guides us towards deep introspection.

Every one of us can live the detailed experience of the following pages provided with a subjective interpretation and decoding of the concepts expressed herein.

My main intention is not to give solutions or reveal hidden truths, but rather to stimulate the reader to open inner doors, generate the desire to walk through them, attracted by the light they emit. A light radiating from places to explore, perhaps daunting at times, but also certainly useful to bring forth a strong desire for discovery, creativity and personal fulfilment.

These pages are a guide, one of the potential pathways to the revelation of our hidden treasure, inner prophecy, of the sense of our existence.

They are a stimulus for a journey through awareness. A spur to abandon preformed mental cages, prejudices, everyday distractions; to trigger an internal spark, a desire for positive growth and the contribution, through our own existence, to the evolution and realization of the personal and collective being, the “IO”.
You will get a ZIP (533MB) file